Daily Fish Supplies

Daily Fish Supplies provide Blue Tree Kitchen with the freshest fish which has been sustainably sourced.

They work with day boat suppliers in ports all around the UK, with coastal markets

including Brixham, Newlyn, Looe, Plymouth, Fleetwood, Billingsgate (London market) and also

Peterhead, Aberdeen and Grimsby.

A W Lockyer

Based in New Covent garden market.

They supply Blue Tree kitchen with locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables and free range eggs.

IMS of Smithfield

IMS of Smithfield was based in the heart of London’s famous Smithfield Market overlooking St Bartholomew’s Square.

All cattle from IMS of Smithfield are from quality assured farms with a standard ageing process of 21 days and they use only Charolais, Hereford and  Aberdeen angus.

Their chickens come from the Crown Chicken located in East Anglia, are free range and fed in barns.

Their lamb comes from Forge farm in Kent and is a South Downs lamb.

Their pork comes from Cherry Orchard farm it is free range and kept outside all of the lives.

Crazy Baker

Crazy Baker is an artisan bakery and wholesaler based in North West London. Everything they produce is made by hand, in their own bakery and kitchens using the very best quality ingredients. They say that the only “additives” you will find in their products is an extra pinch of care and attention!